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Shock Absorber l Suspension Part l Cable

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l Shock Absorber l  Suspension Part l Cable l

Hannaro Autoparts Corp. was established in year 2000. Our main business scope is export of parts, as well as domestic parts sales. We are the authorized Parts Dealer of GM-korea, Mobis(Hyundai and Kia Motor Co.), and Renault-Samsung Motor Co., as we are the reliable leading company for Auto parts business in Korea.

C D Jeon, CEO & President of Hannaro Autoparts Corp. has been worked in Daewoo Motor Co. about 20 years, as one of the specialist of Auto Concern Business.
Our employees are total 20 members who were mostly working in the field of Parts department(Purchasing, Collecting, Packing, Logistics, Importing, Vender controlling/management, Management of Parts Depot and Service shop, etc).

There is no Parts exporting company who has this much Parts specialists in Korea.

Based on these kinds of Skilled Manpower, we are exporting Auto Spare Parts to about 30 countries with about USD 700,000 volume per every month, under company slogan "MORE FAST, MORE CHEAP and MORE SUPPLY" .

Our Auto parts will be useful for the maintenance or repair of Korean cars(Hyundai, GM/Chevrolet/Daewoo, Kia, Ssangyong, Renault-Samsung).


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